Celebrity Effect in the Fashion Brands

It’s a trend for the fashion brands to raise the popularity by inviting the celebrities of famous designers, models, film or sports stars to do some advertisements or attend some activities.
The famous celebrities are very important in people’s heart. Therefore, there are many advantages of celebrity advertisements as follows:
More Attention
Celebrities have a big influence in the public especially for those fans who are crazy about them. For lots of people, celebrity’s life is a kind of ideal and perfect way of living. Advertisements are becoming more persuasive and appealing because of the celebrity’s participation. It’s becoming less boring and can achieve a good effect for promotion.

Rapid Rise in Fame
Because celebrities are quite well-known and the media is willing to report whatever related to them. Thus, any advertisements or activities of promotions held by enterprises will soon be reported everywhere. Then, the new products will quickly enter markets and become famous for consumers. For example, Pepsi keeps inviting celebrities for advertising among the changing society, that’s why Pepsi can always keep popular and stand in front of the consumers.
More Memorable and Trustworthy
Products can be more impressive and trustworthy because of the attendance of celebrities. It seemed that every American family was crazy about the instant coffee just because of President Roosevelt’s sentence “good to the last drop”.

What are celebrity-fashion-trends about?

Throughout time, figures of celebrity status have great influence on the way we dress. For example, the popular song from Korea not only makes the singer popular but also makes his dresses as well as the little round sunglasses hot in the field of fashion. Last year, the actress Sunli and her works became fashionable, which made the way they speak in the film popular in China. Nearly all the school programs will include one that imitates her way of speaking. The government also makes full use of the celebrity-fashion-trend. For example, in 2000, they chose the star Chenlong to broadcast the Chinese traditional culture because he usually wears the traditional clothing in the public. They could use their own way to express how they think of the world, and then influence the people like them. Maybe that’s why celebrities endorse lots of products and they are asked more than the ordinary people, because we want their lifestyle and what they’ve got. Today, the celebrity has been leading our fashion trend in many aspects, such as clothing, hairstyle, and the way of speaking and so on. That’s why when the celebrity makes some mistakes, they will be blamed more than the ordinary people.

Celebrity fashion trend which the people follow around the world

We love to follow our beloved persons. Being a fan of someone famous is a normal thing these days. People all over the world love famous footballers, cricketers, anchors and film actors. Some very good politicians are also loved and followed in different parts of the world. The lovers of the famous people are called fans. The fans always try to look like their beloved personalities. They adopt the celebrity fashion trend with great passion. The women who love the film actresses wear dresses like their favorite actress. People in India really love cricket. The cricketers are worshipped in India like gods. And the professionals know that people will automatically like the dress which the cricketers are wearing. The dress and shoe makers spend a lot of money to hire the Indian cricketers as models. Because they know that the celebrity fashion trends are followed by a large numbers of people. In the other countries of the world celebrities are used to set the fashion trends. In the western world people follow the footsteps of the film stars. The women would ask the shopkeeper to give him the same suit which Angelina jolie was wearing in TV show on the last week end. Celebrity fashion trends are the trends which are followed the most. People all over the world try to copy their favorite people’s fashion. That is why in almost all corners of the globe people try to use the celebrities for the exhibition of their fashion goods.

New Celebrity Fashion Trends: Design and Make Clothes by Themselves 

There is a new fashion trend that some big brands in garment industry invite stars to take part in designing their some new products, which is a much wiser method in comparison with the way that paying a lot to shoot and produce celebrity advertisements in the past: with this method, they not only can receive more media attention during shooting, but also can get more support from the fans of those celebrities when their products put into markets.
Some celebrities, with more self-confidence and business senses, decide to create their own brands, and regard fashion design as their business to manage and operate. For example, Justin Timberlake, a famous star in pop music world, suddenly got involves in the garment industry in 2005, created a new clothing brand “William Rast” together with his old friend Trace Ayala, and set up an exclusive store in Bloomingdale, a famous department store in New York. The brand name “William Rast” is taken from the last name and the first name of their grandfathers respectively. It is reported that the male and female dress of “William Rast” series hit store shelves in succession and has been sold in the fashion exclusive stores in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and other cities in the world.

Celebrity Fashion Trends and You

If you are fashion savvy or want to be fashion forward, then keeping in touch with the latest in celebrity fashion trends is the way to go. Whether it is the latest in shoes, clothes, hairstyle or accessories, keeping yourself in the loop can set you a class above your peers. Everyone wants to feel a little more beautiful or popular in their little group, and the best way to come close to the celebrities that the little group looks up to is to dress a little like them.
With the advancement of technology, you can now get up-close and personal with your celebrity style trends. You can follow them on twitter, Facebook or even Google them. You can also tune in to the latest in celebrity style news over the television. Either way you can get the latest trend and choose whether or not it fits in your particular lifestyle.
Nothing is more pathetic than having to try so hard to be someone you are not, so choose the right trends to follow that will make you comfortable and shine among your peers. You could borrow the shoes out of the whole outfit, or the hairstyle, or the jeans, sunglasses among others, you don’t have to copy each and everything to the last detail, unless you can pull it off
For example there is no point in trying to pull off a particular style in clothing and yet it can never fit your personality or body shape. While you choose, keep in mind your comfort because it is you who will be stuck in the outfit all day.